Granite and bronze cemetery markers

Types of cemetery markers

A cemetery marker is a permanent memorial to your loved one that honors their life and marks their final resting place. It also provides a place for future generations to gather and remember.

Cemetery markers can be crafted from granite or bronze. Granite is a beautiful, natural material that comes in many different colors, depending on where in the world it was formed. Bronze is a metal alloy, composed of copper and tin. It has been used since ancient times in sculptures and memorials.

Markers generally come in two types; upright markers which rise above the ground, and flat markers, which are set flush with the earth. Each cemetery has their own rules that determine which types of markers are allowed. These markers and monuments are created for individuals, companions and sometimes entire families. Bronze or granite vases can be attached to most types of marker so you can add flowers and decorations throughout the year.

You may be interested in a larger monument such as a bench or family mausoleum. We work directly with a quarry and can assist you in the entire process of designing a custom marker or monument. Call us today to get started.

Posted: May 04, 2019
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